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01 November 2008 @ 06:20 pm
Halloween! The best of all days out of the year. Strangers giving out free candy in exchange for nothing (including kidnapping), people in their 20's putting on masks so no one can tell they are too old to trick-or-treat, texting your friends at midnight because you were going different places, dropping off other friends at their houses well after midnight only to find the door is locked... ahh good times.
There were a few interesting people handing out candy... one said we were too old to trick-or-treat, then going on to give us her life story and telling us how her own mother made her stop when she was eleven. We just walked away with no response. Another person (because my cousin who's a year older than me stayed back at the road) said to us, "What, you friend doesn't want to trick-or-treat? What a loser! She's really missing out, isn't she?" All I could do was laugh. Also... (anyone familiar with Dane Cook should understand this) at a few of the houses, after they put a piece of candy in our plastic grocery bags, we would say  "Thanks for the candy." It's fun to be a teenager.
How was your Halloween?
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24 September 2008 @ 08:11 pm
As many would probably guess, I'm always second-best. Yup. Everything. Science club... volleyball... basketball... everything. Therefore, you can assume that I'm on the "B" team again this year on my school basketball team. Tonight... we were murdered. Lost horribly. It sucked. On the bright side (kind of?), the "A" team were squashed as well. The scores were very similar. Ugghh. Really an off-day. The nice thing though was that one of my friends was on the other team and I haven't seen her in FOREVER. So that was cool talking to her again. =]
Guess. What. I. Swear. This. Is. True.
We saw Lindsay Bowen sitting in the stands at our game. That was just... wow. We were all like... look! It's Lindsay Bowen! I got her autograph ages ago. After the games, she was talking to our coaches. So that was really neat.
My social studies teacher from seventh grade came as well. He was hilarious to watch because he sat there and was doing motions with his hands and when he talked to people he'd wave them around. It was great. Apparently he talked to my mom and thought I was pretty good. ^.^
Well I had a pretty craptastic morning, but my day got better. Buenos noches, all. =]

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12 September 2008 @ 06:17 pm
Sometimes, people, you need to chill out. Settle. Freaking relax, already. Okay? Has that little concept gotten though your sickeningly thick little heads, yet? Chill out. Bad things happen as a result of not cooling it. My CD case just got broken. Sure, I'm upset about that, don't get me wrong. But I'm not going to start throwing a tantrum about it. It's not worth it. What is?
By now you're probably wondering what happened that gave me impulse to vent a little bit (even though this vent is strangely calm and well-mannered). Here's how it went down...
I was walking into the house, carrying my basketball shoes, an empty powerade bottle, and a compact disc. As soon as I step on the door frame, I'm getting yelled at to take off my shoes and leave them there inside the door (it was wet outside due to rain that had recently come to halt). I walk oh, maybe two feet into the room to set the bottle on the kitchen table and I'm being screamed at. Somehow, my CD case ends up broken, and I glare straight ahead as I walk up the steps and to my room so I can escape the insanity, raised voices behind me. Now, seriously. Overreaction? 

Other than that, however my day was actually quite nice. School went smoothly, I aced a two or three quizzes, got some homework, and had to squeeze three people into a little booth seat at lunch (they're maybe the size of bus seats, maybe a bit longer, but not by much). On the bus this morning, I kept getting poked in the back of my head with a pencil, and every time I looked back, the guy ducked his head down beneath the seat, so I don't know who exactly it was. AND at some point, I bit my lip so now there's a bump that I keep licking and chewing on and stuff. On top of all that, I have El Cuerpo stuck in my head. All in all, not too bad of a day.

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06 September 2008 @ 12:46 pm
School started this past Tuesday. So did basketball. We had to run up and down stairs. It hurt. =/
Anywho, there's not much to say, I guess. Except I was unpleasently surprised to find out that no one but me seems to know the meaning of the word 'ego'. Come on. It's a three letter word and it's not that hard. The definition is rather easy to remember. ALSO: apparently I'm the only one who knows all the steps in the scientific method off the top of my head. I'm not a nerd. Not at all.

In other news, I've got hoopsters try-outs tomorrow. Last year we had enough people that there weren't any cuts so... who knows this year might be different.

It was interesting, I got a letter yesterday from some day and board college prep. high school in Colorado Springs. Pretty random, yeah? Especially for someone living in the midwest. All of a sudden: come join our school! We're awesome! You'll love it here! Well... it did sound pretty neat.

Guess what?!! We got a new keyboard for the mini! Now it's usable all the time not just the weekend. That's a nice feeling.

Anyone else excited for Innerpartysystem's CD coming out on the 30th? How about Halloween? I'm always excited for Halloween and am greatly disappointed because I know I could have had a much better time.

I'm not feeling very talkative today. I'm on the phone and I've barely said a word. Today must be a listening day, I guess. I have nothing really to say.


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27 August 2008 @ 04:15 pm
I had another little Death Note marathon today, and I'm finally finished with all 37 episodes. Here's what I thought by the end of it:

-Raito had serious mental issues. Seriously, he could have just walked away at the very beginning.
-Raito also amused me with how much he enjoyed flinging his arms out while writing down names. =]
-Holy cow... the series took place over six years? Wow.
-Why did L have to die? And when exactly did it show his name? I know it's Lawliet, but I never saw it.
-Mello was a freak. I thought I'd like him more than I did.
-Near creeps me out. A lot. I ended up playing with Legos while I was watching, and that didn't help.
-We only see Matt a total of three times before he's full of bullets. At least he got a voice actor.
-The three times we saw Matt was actually in the same episode, sadly.
-The ending was strangely satisfying. I thought it would suck, but it was actually pretty good.
-What happened to Misa? She was Kira too, you know.
-I really didn't like Raito's father. I was glad when he died.
-I found it comical how pretty much all the characters were killed off.
-Matsuda's face was funny when he shot Raito. I was really surprised that he did it.
-Ryuk gave a nice speech at the end. I enjoyed that.
-By episode 17 or 18 the entire show was so messed up, I swear it wasn't Death Note anymore.
-By episode 25, however, it was back to normal. Good ol' classic Death Note.
-That scene in episode 25 when L and Raito came in from the rain had to be THE most gayest scene EVUURR.
-I enjoyed that scene. It was fun.
-At the end of some of the episodes, I found myself singing to myself the Sailor Moon theme song.
-I really wanted more of Matt and less of Near.
-Holy crap how old is this kid? When we first met them, Mello was 15 and Near has to have been younger than him. He just looked younger.
-That had nothing to do with his awful Peter Pan Syndrome.
-Raito was really clever. I was kind of amazed the whole time.
-Mikami was insane too.
-I'm still not sure whether Rem was male or female. I always thought... it... was male.
-Raito's mental breakdown at the end was... hmm. Wow. He couldn't be crazier. But then again, who wouldn't be crazy in his place by that point?

I haven't watched the movies yet, but I plan to. XDD
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26 August 2008 @ 11:58 pm
Gawwwddd... it's so annoying....

Me: Okay, this is the last song on the CD, hopefully I'll be asleep by the time it's over.
My Brain: In three minutes? Psh, unlikely.
Me: Would you just shut it?
My Brain: Why? YOU never shut up, so why should I?
Me: Because we're trying to go to sleep, so be quiet.
My Brain: But I dun wanna go to sleeeeeppp!!!
Me: Why are you so awake?
My Brain: Because it's fun!! WHEEEEEE!!!
Me: I'm still trying to sleep, you know.
My Brain: *screaming and the mental equivalent of running around in circles*
My Brain: Nooo!! You're being really boring and uncool right now, I hope you know.
Me: I don't care. It's almost midnight and I want to sleep.
My Brain: Fun-squisher. We usually stay up until 3 or 4. What's different about today? We are SOOO awake.
Me: No.
My Brain: Come on, you know  you want to get up.
Me: No. I really don't.
My Brain: Fine...
Me: What are you doing?
My Brain: .....singing.
Me: But... The Emo Song? Really?
My Brain: It's all I could think of.
Me: But... okay whatever, I'm going back to sleep.
My Brain: G'night.... *pauses for a while* HEY! I THINK IT'S MORNING!
Me: No, it's only not even 1 yet.
My Brain: Oh... I could have sworn I saw the sunrise.
Me: That was just someone turning on the light in the hall. Now shut up.
My Brain: But....
Me:  No buts. Shut it.
My Brain: Alright... *pouts*
Me: Now what are you singing?
My Brain: The Angry White Boy Polka.
Me: WHY?
My Brain: I dunno... 'cuz it's fun.
Me: Okayy.... why the HELL do you keep talking to me, anyway?
My Brain: I get lonely.
Me: You're with me all the time.
My Brain: I still get lonely... and bored.
My Brain: Nighty-night!
My Brain: Are you awake yet?
Me: No.
My Brain: Cool! Now we can get up and play with GOOGLE!!!
Me: What? No. We can't.
My Brain:  Why not?
Me: It's too early. I haven't even slept for 5 minutes.
My Brain: Oh. Sorry.
Me: Yeah. Sure.
My Brain: But we're just SOOOO awake!!
Me: Correction: You are awake.
My Brain: AND uber-bored.
Me: *sigh* Yeah, me too...
My Brain:  Sweet!! So let's get up and do stuff!!
Me: .....ugh fine. *gives in*
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26 August 2008 @ 07:13 pm
So... random people keep instant messaging me... and I have no idea who they are. It's not like someone who's seen me elsewhere on the internet, you know? It's just... random people. So anyway... here's the lastest one I've gotten (that just happened... just now.)

(07:10:41 PM) VisionaryTrout: Why don't you believe in freedom of speech?
(07:10:29 PM) Mylinamei: What?
(07:11:06 PM) Mylinamei: Who is this?
(07:11:12 PM) VisionaryTrout: I got recuited but so do i get like a lazer?
(07:11:16 PM) VisionaryTrout: This is Eddie
(07:11:22 PM) Mylinamei: Do I know you?
(07:11:33 PM) VisionaryTrout: you IMed me first
(07:11:38 PM) Mylinamei: No I didn't
(07:11:43 PM) VisionaryTrout: do you live in florida?
(07:11:45 PM) Mylinamei: No
(07:11:57 PM) VisionaryTrout: this is what you said to me EllipticalTrout
   (4:08:47 PM): Greetings, Starfighter. You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against 
    Xur and the Ko-dan armada.
(07:12:13 PM) Mylinamei: I never said that
(07:12:14 PM) Mylinamei: To anyone
(07:12:35 PM) VisionaryTrout: uhm, ok
(07:12:43 PM) Mylinamei: Seriously. I didn't.

And that's when the weirdo stopped talking to me. Haha this guy was such a nerd... honestly, did you see that? Dude- I'm not Startrek, okay? But yeah, it was probably THE weirdest conversation that I've had with the random losers who IM me. It happens quite a lot. XDD

At least it's kind of amusing...


Umm... did anyone else notice that in Secondhand Serenade's song 'Fall for You' it says "A girl like you is impossible to find." And yet... he's TALKING to the girl that is supposedly "impossible to find." I'm just throwing that out there. (by the way I'm not the one who thought of it first- it was Xoe. LOL.)
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25 August 2008 @ 11:55 am
Have you ever seen the television show "Ni Hao, Kai-Lan"? Well... okay probably not because it's on Nick Jr. Haha my sister was watching it just now. XDD

Anyway... it's about this adorable little Chinese girl. I'm not sure what exactly she does on the show, but I know it's about her.  That's all I could pick up from watching the end of an episode. The show is essentially the Chinese equivalent to Dora, only without the dumb adventures to the library and with less obnoxious, annoying voices. So basically the reason I'm writing this is to point out the... things that can be put in someone's head (who's at least 10 years old) from watching these little kid shows.

Ni Hao, Kai-Lan:
One of the characters is named Hoho. Now... are you thinking what I was when I first heard this??  Also- I looked on wikipedia, sue me- one of the other characters is described like this: "Meme is called a 'he' but looks like a girl and talks like one too." Now... again... what are you thinking?


Blue's Clues:
Apparently when people go to college... they never come back.

Hannah Montana: Okay. Don't even get me started on this crap. Oh and by the way, they were sued by Buddy Sheffield. Good luck with that.

I could go on, but I'm going to eat lunch now. Someday I'll give you a right, proper rant. XDD
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25 August 2008 @ 04:59 am
    Is it... weird to go to sleep at about one in the morning and wake up (naturally, mind you- no alarm clock) at five totally rested and wide awake? I slept for pretty nearly exactly four hours.... and I'm feeling a little hyper.... it's all very odd because I've never really been a morning person. Not too long ago I was waking up more around eleven. So why all of a sudden do I just wake up? It kinda scares me a little bit... o.o
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24 August 2008 @ 05:42 pm
I was doing the border for the comic I'm making right now and decided it wouldn't hurt to try using the tablet once more... even though it didn't work right yesterday and for months before that. So I tried... AND OH MY GOD IT WORKED CORRECTLY. *faints* So I doodled around with it for a while when... guess what: it stopped working right. I don't understand it. It'll make marks when I'm moving the pen around NOT EVEN TOUCHING THE SURFACE. Whyyy????
I know it's kinda oldish and I need a new one but I was so happy and excited when it decided to work. DX

Any idea why it does that anyway? I have not a clue. =[[

Oh and guess what- on top of all that... it's not letting me do anything with my mouse. Grrrrrr. I can't wait to get a new tablet. I will BURN my current one and LAUGH. XDDD
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